"शरीर मन सामर्थ्यम् सर्वदाअत्र युज्येते."

About Mahavir Sir (Dhuldhar)

Master in Thang-ta, Tibetan Yoga, Yoga, Tai chi, various types of Meditation, traditional Martial Arts, Marma therapy, Holistic diet, etc.

Mahavir Dhuldhar, is a professionally trained Martial Artist with inborn skills in Yoga- Pranayam-Meditation. His talents are honed more prominently in the dense Himalayan forests for several years. His Guru asked Master Mahavir to share his experiences and knowledge with the society. Since then Sir is devotedly teaching Yoga, Meditation, Thang-Ta, Tai Chi, Chi kung, Tibetan yoga, Shaolin arts and other Traditional Martial Arts. He has bagged National and International medals & awards besides 6th Degree Thang-Ta Black Belt. He is the founder and Secretary of All Maharashtra Thang-Ta Association. His humble personality and dedication towards his work makes him quite reachable and a popular Master.

Recent Programme
Thang-Ta Demonstration on occasion of Dashera October 2020, at Dasra Maidan, Amravati..
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